Community Service Project


The projects should be carefully planned and designed to benefit an existing non-profit 501(C) 3 organization within the community. Please note that your project MUST NOT benefit any organization in which you are currently affiliated. For example: If you serve on the board of a local agency, you may not raise funds for them. The project may focus on fundraising, but the group will not be allowed to collectively contribute more than $50 to the project. A good starting point may be those entities which are United Way affiliated groups; however, the Board will consider any reasonable philanthropic opportunities.

A project must be unanimously agreed upon by each group and emailed to the Community Service Chairman, JD Dillard at no later than REQUIRED DATE. The request for approval must include the “Proposed Community Service Project” form, (below) clearly indicating the entity to be assisted, the approximate dates for the project, the work to be accomplished, any goals for funds to be raised, and the overall goals for the project.  The Community Service Chairman will present your project to the Board of Trustees at the March board meeting.  No projects will be approved prior to the Board meeting.  Your group contact person will be emailed once the project is approved.  Once approval has been granted by the Board, each group will have until October 31, 2018 to implement the project.

Upon approval of your group’s proposed project, the team should begin preparing coordination meetings to plan their project detail The Board of Trustees will expect that group members document individual participation through videos, photographs and attendance records. See the “Community Service Project Meeting Notes”. This report should be completed online immediately following each meeting. Please use the notebook provided for all documentation, as it must be turned into the Community Service Chair at the end of the class year. The Board of Trustees Community Service Chair should be notified of firm date(s) for the actual project(s) as soon as possible, as many Board Members may wish to attend.