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Being a part of Leadership Lowndes was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Having grown up in Valdosta/Lowndes County, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was here, but Leadership Lowndes exposed me to experiences and businesses that I did not know existed. Also, the connections I made throughout Leadership Lowndes was invaluable because I’m still connected with many of my classmates today.

Joy Schunhoff | Class of 2001ENT & Allergy Associates of South Georgia & Ambulatory Surgery Center.

I am a bigger and better part of this community because of Leadership Lowndes. My network of contacts gained from LL has kept me more informed and engaged with this community. My involvement with this organization pushed me to develop my own leadership skills through the John Maxwell Leadership certification program. As the President of the Leadership Lowndes board, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best leaders in Lowndes County. We have a very active and engaged Board of Trustees that want to make our program and our community better.

Angie Crawford | Class of 2012Angie Crawford State Farm

Leadership Lowndes was an incredibly rewarding experience both for the personal connections I made and the in-depth knowledge of the community that I gained. Both of these aspects made me better prepared to take an active role in the community, and the relationships have been invaluable in my work life.

Jennifer Hattaway Denham | Class of 2005Scintilla Charter Academy

Leadership Lowndes taught me one of the true essentials of being a leader. “To effectively lead you must first know how to effectively follow.” When you are in a class of 30 influential leaders within your community everyone cannot be “in-charge.” I have learned the essence of listening, following and leading. Thanks to Leadership Lowndes, I am a better servant to my community, profession and employees.

Freddie Broome | Class of 2015Valdosta City Fire Chief

Leadership Lowndes was one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life. As a native of Lowndes County, I thought I had an idea of most everything happening in our community, but LL showed me things I had never knew existed in our community and I am forever grateful for the experience. Class of 2017 Best Class Ever!

Meghan Barwick | Class of 2017Valdosta-Lowndes County Development Authority

Leadership Lowndes was a great experience for me professionally and personally. I was able to work with people from all walks of life and experiences and they pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. I still keep in touch with some of my classmates (2012) and have been afforded the opportunity to learn more about different organizations and to give back! Leadership Lowndes taught me a new way of thinking from a leadership role and opened opportunities for me to explore leadership opportunities.

Sharah Denton | Class of 2012Professional Case Management Services of America, Inc.

Leadership Lowndes has provided an opportunity for me to work with industries and non-profit organizations with a common goal of making our community better; both economically through creating an environment where industries want to invest and servitude by giving back to support those in need. Having only lived here since 2008, prior to LL I wasn’t even aware of most industry and non-profit organizations in existence within Lowndes County let alone having worked with them.

Chad Case | Class of 2017USAF | Mediacom Business

Leadership Lowndes is easily one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It opened my eyes to parts of our community I’d never seen and gave me the tools to better serve areas of need. The program made me think critically about how I approach leadership and helped me understand the nuances of leading and following depending on the situation. The friendships I’ve made and the lessons learned will stay with me forever.

Jessica Catlett | Class of 2017Valdosta-Lowndes Parks & Recreation

"Leadership Lowndes introduced me to Lowndes County from a whole new perspective. While I have family roots here, I grew up in Atlanta and when I moved back to Valdosta, it was LL that introduced me to the community in an objective way."

Trey Taylor | Class of 2006Taylor Insurance Services & Trinity | Blue Consulting

Leadership Lowndes taught me that there is always a Who to help solve every How? When you connect the right people with the right problem, you get the right result. Leadership Lowndes helps make those connections for the betterment of our community.

JD Dillard | Class of 2017Southern Georgia Regional Commission

"Leadership Lowndes was the jump start which honed in on the leadership skills I was unaware I possessed. It also exposed me to experiences and industries I did not even know existed, after being born and raised in Lowndes County. It opened my eyes to opportunities well within my reach."

Amy Carter | Class of 1997Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Being selected for Leadership Lowndes was a long-time desire and I am so blessed to have been a part of such a good class. The program days offered deeper insight into what a great city and county it is that I live in. From economic development to social services, Valdosta-Lowndes County has grown and continues to be on the radar for new businesses looking for a prime location to offer their product. To have met 29 other awesome leaders in this community allowed me to deepen existing relationships personally and professionally. It also enabled doors to open for my Red Cross job, by creating awareness and support of our mission, programs, and services.

Terri Jenkins | Class of 2016American Red Cross of South Georgia

Leadership Lowndes truly opened doors for me as a young professional in Valdosta. I met some outstanding community leaders and was able to establish great contacts that have helped me in every facet of my professional career. Personally, I made some fantastic friends that I will forever cherish. Leadership Lowndes gives you an opportunity to learn about and love where you live, even if you have been a part of the community for the majority of your life.

Jennifer Steedley | Class of 2005Valdosta City Schools

"Going into Leadership Lowndes, I honestly thought I could not become more connected in our community. When asked to participate, my plate was extremely full! I am so thankful I said yes, because Leadership Lowndes forced me to step out of my daily routine and see a broader view of what our community has to offer. It also allowed me to meet and spend time with professionals from such a diverse background. I am extremely thankful for the contacts and relationships I made through Leadership Lowndes."

Suzan Prince | Class of 2013

"Leadership Lowndes truly opened my eyes up to another side of Valdosta, there was so many organizations in Valdosta that helped people with many various needs that I didn’t even know existed. I now have a broader view of support needed in the community and I’m able to help on a larger scale."

Chad Pigford | Class of 2015Pepsi Beverages Company

Leadership Lowndes has helped me learn more about my community, by providing access behind the scene. The visits to organizations across the community opened doors that otherwise would not have been available to me. The tours provided insight and a level of understanding on the overall impact and daily contributions in Valdosta-Lowndes County. The LL program also allowed more in-depth knowledge for me as a leader to further promote our community, engage Georgia Power employees, as well as our employee volunteer organization. Personally, I am a better leader because LL delivered a solid program generating excitement and the desire to make an even great difference. I gained more than I could have ever imagined and continue to encourage others to engage in the program.

Audrey King | Class of 2013Regional Director at Georgia Power Company

"Leadership Lowndes was a great experience to learn more about Lowndes County and meet great leaders (and friends) from different backgrounds. LL made me more aware of what the community has to offer and I feel I always have a connection in the community."

Caila Anderson | Class of 2015Marketing & PR Consultant

Leadership Lowndes is an eye-opening program and has renewed my belief that Lowndes County is a great place to live, work, and play. I met some wonderful like-minded community leaders through Leadership Lowndes that I now call friends, and I know I can call on anyone of them at any time. I also feel the Leadership Lowndes program breathes life into our community and creates positive momentum for change and progress.

Courtney Gooding | Class of 2017Bush Wealth Management

Leadership Lowndes was a wonderful experience for me. Going through the program gave me great awareness of all of the great leaders that make our city and state a great place to live. The experience was unforgettable and I look forward to helping our community become even more greater.

Tiffany Stewart | Class of 2016CJB Industries

LL has really opened my eyes that I had just been living here all of my life and not really paying attention to things that are really happening. A true servant leader is defined as the endless opportunities to make a difference no matter where you are from and the realization that there are a vast majority of resources and great people to get things accomplished.

Johnny Henry, Jr. | Class of 2018Valdosta Fire Department

I had worked in external positions in Lowndes County, and I've been very active in my congregation, The Rotary Club, and other organizations. I really did think I knew most everything about the community. Leadership Lowndes opened my eyes to the depth of diversity of our residents, our businesses and industry, and our state and local governments. Likewise, I've met some of my best lifelong friends through this amazing program.

Kerry Morris | Class of 2014University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

It was an opportunity to get an overall view of our community, its business, governmental, and public activities, and how things work together to make Valdosta the place it is. LL introduced me to new people and new things. I believe knowledge is understanding. Understanding is a necessary tool to be better at what you do as a business, a citizen and a person.

Steven Heddon | Class of 2015Fusion Creative Marketing

Leadership Lowndes has played a vital role in my networking. It was through the year-long program that I was able to develop relationships that will help me both professionally and on a personal level. This network will allow me to assist others as well.

The exposure I had to the various aspects of our community has opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available to me to serve and help the community. This exposure has also educated me in a way that will allow me to know what services I can refer others to as the occasions arise.

John Johnson, Jr. | Class of 2017Miller/Whitehead Hardware

Having leadership roles and being active in the community for the past 25 years, I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn during my class year. Four years later, I am still involved on the board and will serve as the 2020 LL president. I remain completely committed to this great organization and consider it an honor to continue to help develop future leaders for our community.

Scott James | Class of 2015Smalltown Broadcasting, LLC

Serving in Leadership Lowndes and on the board opened his eyes to the needs and opportunities in the community. It helped him connect with all types of people and professions. Michael couldn’t do his job well without the connections and friendships he established in LL.

Michael Smith | Class of 2009Greater Valdosta United Way