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Service Projects

Beginning with the 2007 class, the Leadership Lowndes Executive Board of Trustees initiated a class community service project as a requirement for Graduation.  The purpose of the project is to develop interaction between the class and non-profit organizations that serve our community in order to allow class members the opportunity to enhance their servant leadership experiences.

The class will be divided into five groups. Each group will be charged with developing and implementing a community service project during the year. The groups are assigned by the Board of Trustees during the retreat at Jekyll Island.

Our 2019 Recipients

2024 Community Service Groups

Group 1: QUOLA - Quality of Life Association, Inc.

  • Mackenzie Bennett
  • Robert Morris
  • Jacob Bell
  • Mallory Sims

    Alicia Clemons

  • Mike Brown

Group 2: Children’s Advocacy Center

  • Nick Cassidy
  • Mary Beth Brownlee
  • Chanel Randolph
  • Matt Howard
  • Latoya Costello
  • Blake Steel

Group 3: Camp Rock of Georgia

  • Jennie Boyer
  • Mike Davis
  • Vivian Green
  • Lindsay Ray
  • Heath Dawson
  • Lawrence Twitty

Group 4: Raintree Village

  • Zach Hageman
  • Jennifer Price
  • Lauren Hurley
  • Andy Tabor
  • Amanda Martin
  • Vince Miller

Group 5: South Health District

  • Vann Pitts
  • Elisa Ray
  • Shannon McGee
  • Jim Zacharias
  • Samantha Napier
  • Reed Salter