The mission of Leadership Lowndes is to build a better Lowndes County by exposing existing and emerging leaders to local challenges and opportunities, to build networks that seek to address long-term solutions to community needs, and to prepare members for a more active role in community leadership.


Leadership Lowndes was established in 1988 by local leaders with a passion and vision for the growth and development of Lowndes County. Using the collective talents and abilities of emerging and existing community leaders, a program was developed that would expose these leaders to the strengths and weaknesses of our local area and provide them with the opportunities to match needs with available resources.

Since the first Leadership Lowndes Class of 1989, almost 900 leaders have graduated and over 10,000 services hours have been poured into local agencies and organizations. A significant number of alumni continue to pour their lives into community organizations as a result of the community exposure that is carefully built into each program day.


Leadership Lowndes provides an educational program that consists of a two-day retreat in January, a two-day trip to the state capitol in Atlanta in February, and full program days in March, April, May, August, September, October and November.

Present day issues are included in each program, and members meet at various locations to hear from experts who provide information on topics affecting our community and state. Members, working in small groups, are also required to complete service projects that address the needs of the community.

Two-Day January Retreat

Two-Day Trip to the State Capitol

Program Days to Know Our Community


  • Knowledge of regional issues
  • Community stewardship
  • Integrity, ethics, competence and accountability
  • Diversity and cultural competency
  • Inclusion and respect for a range of viewpoints
  • Leadership linking current and future generations
  • Passion for Action