What is Leadership Lowndes? Leadership Lowndes is a program, which provides a learning experience for existing and emerging leaders of Lowndes County. Participants of the program will be given the opportu­nity to develop an understanding of the promises and problems of Lowndes County and the diversity of the region.

The program is designed to be an educational experience. As such, Leadership Lowndes will not attempt to create a consensus of opinions or to promote any specific issue. Participants will be encouraged to take their increased knowledge of the community, awareness of its institutions, and familiarity with its leaders into their world, and involve themselves in all areas of community life. Utilizing their leadership capabilities with a broader understanding of the complexities our diverse community represents, participants will be better prepared to lead Valdosta to a better future.

What can the participant expect? Leadership Lowndes participants will enhance leadership skills and knowl­edge of the community through a series of seven sessions, one over­night stay in Atlanta, and one retreat in January. Topics such as local government, health and human services, education, and economic development will be covered, Infor­mation will be presented in a variety of program formats.

The individual must show a sincere commitment, be motivated and inter­ested in the community, and have the desire to increase his/her service in key leadership positions. The person must exhibit the ability and willing­ness to be involved in the learning process and must make a firm com­mitment to attend the entire Leader­ship Lowndes Program.

How much time will be required? Leadership Lowndes will begin with a January retreat, followed by seven monthly sessions, one overnight stay in Atlanta, and commencing with a graduation ceremony. A commitment to 100 percent attendance is expected from each participant. Leadership Lowndes Class participants are re­quired to sign an attendance agreement.

What is the cost of Leadership Lowndes? Tuition for the class of 2023 is $1500. Each participant is responsible for paying his/her own tuition or making arrangements for payment by his/her employer and/or a sponsoring organization. The fee must be remit­ted prior to the January program. If needed, however, the applicant may request special financial arrange­ments. Such a request must be re­viewed by the selection committee of the board of directors.

What does my tuition pay for

  • Welcome reception
  • Your stay, meals, social, and retreat for you and your significant other in January
  • Your stay, meals, and program day in Atlanta
  • Breakfast, lunch, social, and curriculum for all program days
  • Graduation

How is one accepted in Leadership Lowndes? First, the individual must be nominated for the program by a firm, organization, or an individual who submits the nomination form located here. Once an applicant is nominated he or she will be asked to complete a detailed application. All applications are considered for selection.

The objectives of Leadership Lowndes:

  • To identify and inspire potential community leaders who are willing to get involved to help solve commu­nity concerns and to acquaint these lead­ers with major community issues and the complexity involved in finding good solutions for ongoing concerns.
  • To give participants the opportu­nity to meet and interact with current community leaders.
  • To investigate leadership ethics and values.
  • To assist participants in expanding his/her leadership skills.

Who is eligible for Leadership Lowndes? The board of directors of Leadership Lowndes desires to select a diversified group in terms of race, sex and occupation Participants should include a cross-section of individuals from businesses, social services, neighborhoods, religious, cultural, and educational organiza­tions. Successful applicants in the past have exhibited a promising de­gree of community involvement, leadership potential, and professional achievement. All participants shall be residents of Lowndes County. Minimum age of 25 is required.


Nominations for the Class of 2025 are open.

2025 Nominations Open