Leadership Lowndes provides an educational program that consists of a two-day retreat in January, a two-day trip to the state capitol in Atlanta in February, and full program days in March, April, May, August, September, October and November. Present day issues are included in each program, and members meet at various locations to hear from experts who provide information on topics affecting our community and state. Members, working in small groups, are required to complete community service projects that address the needs of the area. Class members are also required to schedule a ride-along in either a city or county police or fire vehicle for a designated time frame, to witness first-hand the work of our public safety personnel and the work they do for the benefit of the community.

Thirty emerging leaders are chosen each year from within the Lowndes County area to engage in this 12-month commitment to improve their leadership skills and to improve the community.

By the end of the one year program, the participants should have:

  • A better understanding of themselves and their individual leadership styles;
  • Improved leaderships skills;
  • Deeper knowledge of the Lowndes County community and how it fits in the regional, state, national, and global economy;
  • Identified the major challenges facing Lowndes County;
  • Built relationships with other class members and existing community leaders;
  • Use their leadership skills to provide services to community needs;
  • Developed a deep commitment to making the Lowndes County community a better place to live and work.