The mission of Leadership Lowndes is to build a better Lowndes County by exposing existing and emerging leaders to local challenges and opportunities, to build networks that seek to address long-term solutions to community needs, and to prepare members for a more active role in community leadership.

The purpose of Lowndes Youth Leadership League (LYLL) is to assist students in developing an internal sense of community awareness, knowledge of teen issues, the development of leadership skills and provide an opportunity for students to network with each other and with other adult leaders for the betterment of their community.


Leadership Lowndes provides an educational program that consists of a retreat in January, a day trip to the state capitol in Atlanta in February, and full program days in March and April

Present day issues are included in each program, and members meet at various locations to hear from experts who provide information on topics affecting our community and state. Members, working in small groups, are also required to complete service projects that address the needs of the community.

January Retreat

Day Trip to the State Capitol

Program Days to Know Our Community

What Our Members Say

Being apart of Leadership Lowndes Youth League is a life changing experience. Through Leadership Lowndes I learned how to belief in myself and use my newfound confidence to help others. I loved seeing a different side of my community I had never seen before including the Crime Lab and the fire station. I met people my age who wanted to make a difference and made connections with leaders in our community. I feel truly blessed to have been of this amazing program and everything it stands for.

Jordan Green, Valwood SchoolClass of 2019

My Leadership Lowndes experience was amazing. It can be nerve wracking having to meet all of these new people who may be older or younger than you, but frankly, that is one of the best parts. LYLL is overall an awesome thing to do. Other than looking GREAT for college, meeting new amazing people who you will build lasting relationships with, and getting to go to the capitol, you also get the opportunity to go to super cool places around Lowndes, like Moody Air Force Base, or the Crime Lab.

Pierce BakerClass of 2018

During my time, I was able to get a better understanding of my community. We traveled to Atlanta to meet state representatives and senators, go to the VFD, VPD, SGMC, Valdosta Crime Lab, Moody AFB, and the Lowndes County Jail. I learned about the inner workings of our community which was astonishing. My favorite part would have to be our community service project. I served as committee chair for my team which chose The Haven, and we were able to be a huge blessing for them. Thank you LYLL!

Will Steinberg, LHSClass of 2018


  • Knowledge of regional issues
  • Community stewardship
  • Integrity, ethics, competence and accountability
  • Diversity and cultural competency
  • Inclusion and respect for a range of viewpoints
  • Leadership linking current and future generations
  • Passion for Action