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Board Announces LYLL 2017 Class

By December 8, 2016 No Comments

The Leadership Lowndes Board of Directors is proud to announce the Lowndes Youth Leadership League Class of 2017. The purpose of Lowndes Youth Leadership League (LYLL) is to assist students in developing an internal sense of community awareness, knowledge of teen issues, the development of leadership skills and provide an opportunity for students to network with each other and with other adult leaders for the betterment of their community. The LYLL program includes a new class reception, a weekend retreat, three program days and a graduation ceremony. Similar to the Leadership Lowndes adult program, the LYLL participants are also required to participate in a community service project. Congratulations to the following students on their selection into the Class of 2017:  Abigail Walker – Lowndes High School, Addison LeBoutillier – Valdosta High School, Allison Parker – Valdosta High School, Brock Washington – Lowndes High School, Catherine Gerber – Valdosta High School, Christopher Vietas – Valdosta High School, Claire Kolisz – Lowndes High School, Connor Callahan – Lowndes High School, Davis Carter – Lowndes High School, Dawson Thomas Peek – Lowndes High School, Emily Kate Reagin – Valdosta High School, Haley Hogan – Valdosta High School, Hunter Holt – Valdosta High School, Joyce Liu – Lowndes High School, Kaley Folsom – Valdosta High School, Katelynn Deanne Barnes – Highland Christian Academy, Kevin John Eppes, Jr. – Lowndes High School, Laura Stanaland – Valdosta High School, Lauren Burgess – Lowndes High School, Liam Wetherington – Lowndes High School, Ma’at Chastang – Valdosta Early College Academy , Madison Folsom – Lowndes High School, Noah Richards – Valdosta High School, Patrick Childress – Valdosta High School, Reagan Taylor – Open Bible School, Randall “Blake” Crews – Valdosta High School, Sara Pearson – Lowndes High School, Shaw Wacter – Lowndes High School, Terrica Titeana Denson – Valdosta Early College Academy, True Gane – Lowndes High School, Will Tolbert – Lowndes High School, Will Tunison – Valdosta High School, and William Clifton – Valwood School.